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TAP Gallery Winner

We want to give congratulations to the most recent TAP Gallery Themed Show winner: Ron Weathers!

The theme of this exhibition was Old Barns.

Watercolor painting: "Mr. Berry's Barn" by Ron Weathers
"Mr. Berry's Barn" by Ron Weathers

About the Artwork:

Title: "Mr. Berry's Barn"

Media: Watercolor

Size: 14x21

Price: n/a

A reminder to our members:

Each month, we hold a new themed contest in the TAP Gallery. All CCAL members are invited to participate. A monthly Best in Show will be selected and awarded a ribbon. Happy creating!

Nov 15 - Dec 20

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Old Barns

Dec 20 - Jan 17

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Cool, Crisp, and Bright

Jan 17 - Feb 21

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Boat

About the Artist

Photo of the artist: Ron Weathers

Ron Weathers

The inspiration for my artwork comes from my surroundings and my travels. There is an abundance of painting references in nature, in rural and urban areas. I enjoy capturing the essence of marshes of the low country, the street scenes of bustling cities, the serenity of old barns of the country sides, and the manmade structures of boats and architecture. I can be found in my studio painting from photo reference or in the outdoors painting “En Plein Air”. I find that my expression in my artwork is somewhere in-between abstraction and realism, more like impressionism.

My art becomes a visual record of “my life”. It is my hope that as my art tells the story of “my life”, that it will much more importantly, point to the One who gives “my life” meaning.... the One who is the great creator, the maker of beauty and life, the ultimate artist, the One who gives our life value.

You can reach Ron by clicking HERE.


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