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Sozo Fitness Gallery Art - September 2023

Congratulations to featured artist, Ruby DeLoach, for displaying her painting in Sozo Fitness Gallery during September 2023. Ruby is an active member of Crooked Creek Art League and currently serves as the League's co-representative for the Chapin Chamber of Commerce.

a watercolor of hollyhocks behind a fence by artist Ruby DeLoach
"Peeping Over the Fence"

About the Art

Media: watercolor

Size: 23" x 19"

Sale Price: $275

Artist Bio

artist Ruby DeLoach

I learned to love flowers at a very young age. When you're little, many are at eye level. I remember 4 o' clocks blooming in the evening. Colorful lantana shrubs were covered with butterflies. The fields were full of pink, white, red, purple and blue morning glories. I once discovered and picked a bright orange chigger weed to give to my mother. For some strange reason she didn't want it. Every one of her sisters and friends had flowers. They often exchanged cuttings, seeds and rooted plants. One of my childhood paintings was a purple morning glory painted using pokeberry juice. If there's a beautiful garden, there will be birds. Sunchokes grew in the open fields. Holly trees laden with red berries and American beauty bushes with purple seeds are loved by birds. There were white lilies down near the creek in spring. When I was small and frightened, grandfather told me to think of something beautiful, and I would feel better. I always brought up the image of a flower.

While painting hollyhocks "Peeping Over the Fence," I recalled they were called outhouse flowers. They were planted beside the outhouse because they grew tall. They hid the outhouse and let everyone know where it was.


CCAL Gallery Host:

The Coffee Shelf Logo

Sozo Family Fitness

Sozo Family Fitness is proud to host a guest artist display each month in the "Sozo Family Fitness Gallery". In addition to helping Chapin get fit, Kara is an enthusiastic supporter of the arts in Chapin. We are thrilled to be working with Sozo to showcase more art in town.

The gallery is located in the front lobby at Sozo Fitness at 510 Columbia Avenue. It hosts a piece of art by one of Crooked Creek Art League's artists on a monthly rotation.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.

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