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Oct 2023 Meeting Video Online

Our presenter for the Oct 16, 2023 meeting was Mark Conrardy.

Mark was a last minute substitution for our scheduled presenter who was injured and he did great! We are deeply grateful to him for doing such a great presentation with no notice. He did several live demos for us and provide excellent information and instruction on perspective, grid and composition that can be invaluable in planning your artwork.

We had great attendance with 50 members in person, 20 members by Zoom and 4 guests for a grand total of 74 participants. Thank you to everyone for joining the fun!

Watch the video of the presentation:

Note: Attendance at this meeting counts toward Member in Good Standing (MIGS*) for entry into the Annual Juried Show and MIGS for entry into the Winter Still Hopes Juried Show.

*MIGS = Members in Good Standing = Members who have attended at least 3 meetings in order to be eligible for the next juried show. Eligible meetings occur in the eight meetings preceding the show. You can verify your MIGS status at: (members password required to view.)

Door prize winners were: Yvonne Beyer, Kathy Gardner and Bebe Way.

We continue to be happy with our new tech setup and support. We appreciate all your support and encouragement as we work to iron out the few remaining wrinkles to make the virtual experience great. Thank you to everyone for participating!


A reminder to our members:

Each month, we hold a new themed contest in the TAP Gallery. All CCAL members are invited to participate. Simply create your best piece according to the theme and bring it to hang on the start date listed below. (Be sure to bring your gallery wall label.) Only original works only are permitted in judged theme contests (no prints please).

Exhibits typically change the same night as our monthly member meeting. Be sure to take home your artwork at the end of the exhibit!!

A monthly Award Winner will be selected and awarded a ribbon for themed exhibits. Happy creating! In order to give our members more time to paint ahead for the TAP Gallery Exhibits, we will be trying to keep a yearly list of upcoming themes published in advance.

View the full list of all Upcoming TAP Gallery Themes so you can plan and create ahead!

To participate in our other Public Galleries, submit a Request to be scheduled in our other Public Galleries


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