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Oct 2021 Meeting Video Online

We thank all our members in attendance for our Oct 18, 2021 Monthly Members Meeting.

Our presenter for the Oct 18, 2021 meeting was Sandy Dimke, from Beaufort, South Carolina. Her presentation was:


The presentation was geared to both the fine artist and the photographer. Sandy is a photographer and an artist. When she creates a photo, from conception to execution to post processing, she is doing just that … “creating” her work of art, not merely documenting a scene. Sandy truly believes that Composition is a key aspect of a good work of art. It’s a big part of what makes a piece eye-catching and dynamic or calm and soothing. A good composition has just enough detail and good balance and it shapes the viewer’s experience of the artwork. Sandy’s presentation was focused on the elements (or guidelines) that should be considered, to draw the viewer’s eye to the most interesting or significant area as you create your artwork. The presentation was filled with concrete examples and ideas to inspire your next creation.

We had 24 Members and two guests were in attendance in person at the park and another 25 in attendance via Zoom. A great turnout for our first hybrid in-person and Zoom meeting of the season! A recording of the meeting is now available online for anyone who wasn't able to join us.

Watch the video of the meeting:

Note: Attendance at this meeting counts toward Member in Good Standing (MIGS*) for entry into the Annual Juried Show.

*MIGS = Members in Good Standing = Members who have attended at least 3 meetings in order to be eligible for the next juried show. Eligible meetings occur in Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. All members are being granted credit for having 'attended' the April meeting since our meetings in April and May were cancelled. You can verify your MIGS status at: (members password required to view.)

Door prize winners (Note: Zoom door prize winners should pick up their prizes at the CCP front desk asap):

Daryl Hartman

Tommy Thompson

Lainie McWilliams

Anna Kay Singley

Adelia Ruth

Julie Larkin


A reminder to our members:

A reminder to our members about the TAP Gallery Wall Display:

Oct 18 - Nov 15:

  • The Artists Place (TAP) Gallery theme: Transitions (think flowers budding, then opening, then blooming; or seasonal changes; or growing from young to old, etc.) All members are invited to participate. A Best in Show will be selected and awarded a ribbon. Happy creating!

Nov 15 - Jan

  • TBD


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