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Jan 2024 Presenter: Don Wuori

We invite you to join us at our meeting on Monday January 15, 2024 for fun and fellowship.

This is our regular monthly members meeting. Hope to see you there - members and guests welcome!

This month our presenter, Don Wuori, will present:

Art in Columbia: Iconography of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Don's presentation will discuss iconography in the Orthodox Church, the process itself and its photographic documentation at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Columbia.  Still images and several multimedia presentations will allow the viewer to see this artistic endeavor come to life.    

Holy Trinity Artist Painting Owl © Don Wuori
One is one of the artists working on the details on an owl (high above the floor of the cathedral)

Fisheye Photo of Holy Trinity Cathedral near completion © Don Wuori
Fisheye shot of the cathedral as it nears completion


Don Wuori

Photo of Don Wuori

Don Wuori, a native of New York City,  has been doing photography for over 35 years largely in South Carolina.  He has specialized in bird photography and done well in local, statewide and national photo competitions. Don has been published in local, state and national magazines, presented on bird photography at a variety of venues and judged in a variety of photo contests. He is a past president of the Carolina's Nature Photographers Association. Some number of  years ago Don (and largely by serendipity) was asked to photograph the iconography of the newly constructed Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia; this became a years long project - and a true love. 

Don's presentation will discuss his project with the title of his presentation "Art in Columbia: Iconography of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral"  


Join Zoom Meeting 

The Zoom session will open at 5:30pm

The Presentation will begin at 6pm

(See Zoom link details at bottom of this post)


A reminder to our members:

Each month, we hold a new themed contest in the TAP Gallery. All CCAL members are invited to participate. Simply create your best piece according to the theme and bring it to hang on the start date listed below. (Be sure to bring your gallery wall label.) Only original works only are permitted in judged theme contests (no prints please). Exhibits typically change the same night as our monthly member meeting. Be sure to take home your artwork at the end of the exhibit!! A monthly Award Winner will be selected and awarded a ribbon for themed exhibits. Happy creating! In order to give our members more time to paint ahead for the TAP Gallery Exhibits, we will be trying to keep a yearly list of upcoming themes published in advance. View the full list of all Upcoming TAP Gallery Themes so you can plan and create ahead!

To participate in our other Public Galleries, submit a Request to be scheduled in our other Public Galleries


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