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CCAL Member Bobbi Sorensen's Painting in Chapin Magazine

The July/August issue of "Chapin - the magazine for lake living" includes a photograph of CCAL member Bobbi Sorensen's oil painting "Tranquility" as the background for Susan M. Craig's poem, "In the Cove." Congratulations, Bobbi, for the selection and thank you, Susan, for allowing us to share your poem. "Tranquility" is currently available at Palmetto Fine Arts Gallery.

an oil painting by artist Bobbi Sorensen of a sailboat moored in calm water
"Tranquility" by artist Bobbi Sorensen

In the Cove

We float like toy boats on bath water,

the only motion a gentle sway, like a body at the bottom

rolling over deep in sleep--and the boat

bobs beside us with its mainsail furled and tied,

lines cleated, knotted--and we become water-memories,

the way children's laughter subsides

and lake winds die down at the end of the day.

And the boat twirls around its anchor, and the sunset

turns cool--and we children begin to shiver,

our skin slick and glassy before we race

back to the warm wooden porch.

And the boat dissolves into a silver mirage.

Susan M. Craig, 2023

Artist Bobbi Sorensen Poet Susan M. Craig


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