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CCAL Display Cabinet: Jan - Mar 2022

Stop by Crooked Creek Park to view the great collection of artwork by Mary Williams; on exhibit in the TAP Gallery Display Cabinet (in the lobby at Crooked Creek Park). The display will be in place through March. Be sure to visit it when you are at the park!

Collection of artwork by Mary Williams

About the Artwork

Display of Small Works by Mary Elliott Williams

On Top of Cabinet:

Maples Ablaze, 9x12, original oil

Top shelf (L2R):

Bottoms Up, 5x7, giclée on watercolor paper from original oil

White Birch in the Rain, 9x12, original oil, painted plein air, Parry Sound, Ontario Canada

Blue Rose, 5x7, giclée on Watercolor paper from original oil

Second Shelf (L2R):

Autumn Marsh, 9x12, original oil, plein air, Parry Sound, Ontario Canada

Train Over Parry Sound, 9x12, original oil, plein air

Cottage Country, 9x12, original oil, plein air, Parry Sound

Third Shelf (L2R):

Clownie, 5x7, original oil, NFS

Granda’s Cottage, giclée from pastel, 8x10, Trory Cottage, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland Ginger Lilies, 5x7, original water color

Fourth Shelf (L2R):

Mountain Laurel, 9x12, original oil, plein air, Barnwell, SC

Mountain Majesty, giclée from oil, via rail train The Canadian, Jasper, Alberta

FBC, 200th Anniversary giclée, 9x12

Bottom Shelf (L2R):

Trout Lily, 5x7 oil, spring walk by Saluda River

A Brief Life, Luna Moth, 5x7

Prices shown on art work

Artist Bio

Photo of the artist: Mary Williams

Mary Elliott Williams

Mary turned to art as a teen being confined to bed during illness. Joy came out of difficulty.

Her art talent came down through her family. Her mother sewed clothing to fit without measuring. Her grandfather painted and her father sculpted song birds

My artist in residence opportunities at the SC state parks were times of growth as an artist. I went out each day and painted plein air.

I thank God for the privilege of painting and documenting the world around me.

Mary Elliott Williams

You can see more of Mary's artwork in her online gallery on this website HERE.

You can reach Mary by clicking HERE.


CCAL Gallery Host:

Irmo Chapin Recreations Commission Logo

The Artists Place (TAP) gallery is located in the front lobby of the Crooked Creek Park Recreation Center at 1098 Old Lexington Hwy in Chapin. The gallery hosts a monthly rotation of art from a variety of CCAL artists.

The CCAL Display Cabinet can be found in the right side of the gallery as you enter from the front doors. It hosts a rotating multipiece display with a collection of new pieces from a Crooked Creek Art League artist every three months.

For more information about all our public galleries click HERE.


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