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Artist Karen Larrabee will be displaying her works at the Chapin Library April through June

Please join us in congratulating member Karen Larrabee for displaying her art in the Chapin Library Artist Gallery through June 30, 2024. Karen is an award-winning artist and an active member of the Crooked Creek Art League. Congratulations, Karen!

Library showcase by Karen Larrabee 

Anyone who knows me, knows I like all things creative and cannot stick to any one medium. My current display in the Chapin library showcase is an example of that variety.  Included are two of my recycled outfits done for Runaway Runway, and completed and worn by neighborhood friends; several of my baskets, a painted gourd, a couple of collage note cards and 3 paintings:

Green-Peace, acrylic w/dried skeleton leaves,

Just Breath, mixed media

and a floral watercolor.

Green Peace

Acrylic $500

Just Breathe

Mixed Media $400


Karen Larrabee

I like to define myself as a “free style” artist as I love all things creative. I was born and raised in northern NJ where I had many opportunities to visit the museums of NYC. How they inspired me! I then received a B.A. in art and education, and a Master’s of Liberal Learning, (yes, a MA.L. L, degree), with concentrations in studio art, art history and art education from Marietta College, Marietta, OH. While in Ohio, I married, raised a family and taught art until my retirement a few years ago. I received many awards for both my teaching and artistic endeavors. I have continuously been exposed to and engaged in many media and styles and enjoy the freedom to be creative and experiment artistically. Lately I have been working in mixed media collage, but I enjoy drawing, watercolors, pastels and designing one-of-a-kind home décor pieces. For me, art and life just naturally go hand in hand and SC is giving me a whole new palette to explore and enjoy.


CCAL Gallery Host:

Lexington County Library Logo

Each month, the Chapin Library Gallery located in the Chapin Public Library at 129 N. W. Columbia Avenue

features a monthly art exhibit by a different featured CCAL artist. The gallery can be viewed during regular Chapin Library hours.

This exhibit space allows for expanded displays with series or mixed multiple pieces by the artist. It hosts a minimum of 6-8 pieces but can accommodate as many as 12 pieces per month. Wall hanging and 3D artwork may be included in this exhibit.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


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