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February 2020 Presenter: Janet Swigler

We invite you to join us at our next meeting on Monday February 17, 2020 for food, fun and fellowship! Our presenter this month will be Janet Swigler.

Refreshments from 6:30 - 7pm - General Meeting from 7 - 9pm

This is our monthly members meeting. Hope to see you there. Members and Guests welcome!

Sample of artwork by Janet Swigler


Stitching, by hand or machine, has always been my favorite and most satisfying creative outlet. My work honors the tradition of quilting and shows the versatility of that medium. My quilts are improvisational, cut free-hand, and created intuitively without the use of templates. They are constructed in the traditional manner of a quilt – a pieced top, batting, and backing sandwiched together then held in place with quilting stitches. The final quilting, or mark-making, adds another layer of depth and dimension to the quilt surface. I am at the beginning of my journey into quilting as an art form, and am working to incorporate the principles of art, such as color value, proportion, and figure/ground composition, into my work. Observations of daily life, attentiveness to nature, and reflections on personal insights provide the inspiration for my abstract creations. The use of color, improvisation, and imaginative re-structuring of a simple shape are important components of my work.


Photo: Angel Allen

Janet Swigler

Quilt-making and the practice of taiji are two of my primary interests, both of which I find to be mindful and centering activities. They allow and encourage me to focus on the visible as well as the less obvious elements of nature – shadows, textures of bark, lines of grasses, colors and cycles of the seasons. My five years of quilt studies have been with Nancy Crow, an innovator in quilt-making and a recent inductee into the Smithsonian Museum’s Renwick Alliance as Master of the Medium.


A reminder to our members:

A reminder to our members about the TAP Gallery Wall Display: · Jan 20 - Feb 17, 2020: "Winter Sights and Scenes"

- Feb 17 - Apr 5, 2020: tbd Artists with artwork in the current exhibit should plan to take their pieces home and all artists are invited to bring artwork for the upcoming exhibit while at the meeting.

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