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(Palmetto) Fine Art on Display

Palmetto Fine Arts generously dedicates space for CCAL artists to always be part of the great display of Fine Art in their gallery. Until October 31, 2019 you can see the artwork of three great CCAL artists: Rajas Londhe, Cathy Dubiel and Roger Buenzow.

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About the Artists:

Artwork display - art by Cathy Dubiel
Photo: Artist Cathy Dubiel

Cathy Dubiel - As a child I loved to paint anything I could get my hands on. With ten children in our home (8 younger than myself) it was hard to produce anything that didn’t have smears from little hands. My favorite class in school was always Art.When I grew up I had to go to work to help our family. Then there were children to raise and all the activities that comes along with raising children. My children always had uniquely painted rooms and furniture painted by their Mom. Then there were grandchildren to help raise and never any time to spare. When I retired I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. I was given the opportunity to take watercolor classes at Frog Level Art Center in Prosperity SC with Anna Kay Singley. I truly loved it!I didn’t feel as though I was very talented, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself when I painted. Especially with the group of ladies I have befriended. I produced some paintings that were just plain ugly and some that were decent. Then I started progressing a bit and even liked some of my works. I am painting on my own at home now. Most of my work is donated to Mission of Hope Ministry Thrift Store in Batesburg, auctions for the Chamber of Commerce in Batesburg, my church, our family reunion auctions and as gifts for friends and family.Because of the encouragement of my artist friends I have entered competitions in Santee, Union, North Charleston and the State Fair. I am a new member of Crooked Creek Art League in Chapin, SC. I am looking forward to making new friends and participating in workshops.

You can reach Cathy by clicking HERE.


Listing of Paintings at Palmetto Fine Arts by Rajas Londhe

Photo: Artist Rajas Londhe

Rajas Londhe, who grew up in India, is a self-taught artist by initially drawing and painting as a youth. After residing for several years in Orangeburg, SC, she moved to Irmo area in 2011. After arriving in Irmo, Rajas became a member of the Crooked Creek Art League in Chapin and the Seven Oaks Art League in Irmo. She developed her artistic skills by taking classes sponsored by these two art clubs. She also received training from some local artists. She enjoys working with the mixed media. Rajas has won Juried Awards and Fine Arts Purchase Awards at State and local events.

For more information, contact:


Listing of Photographs by Roger Buenzow on display
Photo of artist Roger Buenzow

Roger Buenzow, a Vietnam veteran and native of Wisconsin, moved to South Carolina in 2012. After retiring from a 19 year career in government service and 20 years in the United States Air Force he welcomed the time to explore his hobbies to the fullest extent. Shortly after moving to Chapin, South Carolina he joined the Crooked Creek Art League to expand his interest in painting. Roger also joined the Crooked Creek Carving Club to rekindle his interest in wood carving. Later he joined the Columbia Camera Club and Carolina Nature Photographers Association to pursue his passion for photography. His interest in painting includes acrylic and watercolor paintings of seascapes and old barns while his woodcarving interest is mainly that of relief carving of various subjects. Photography is his main pursuit. He enjoys photographing cityscapes, nature, landscapes, and macro subjects. His aim is to convey a connection with the viewer, creating a mood and telling a story. He has won numerous awards for his paintings, wood carving and photography.

You can reach Roger by clicking HERE.

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