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Congratulations to The Winners!!!

2019 Best in Show

Best in Show Winner: "Somewhere in Sudan" Oil Painting by Ann Sweeney

"Somewhere in Sudan" by Ann Sweeney

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This was our biggest show ever this year with a total of 128 works of art across 4 categories, and a total of 58 artists participating for awards totaling $3,975! The exhibit is rich in talent and diversity and ALL the artists deserve congratulations for their pieces.

In addition, it takes many hours to plan and hold the show each year. Many volunteers donated many hours to make it possible and they all deserve our thanks and congratulations as well. Juried Show Co-Chairs Ann Peake and Kay Young have done a fantastic job bringing all the details together for this year's show. Thank you also to all the other volunteers (Randy Spencer, Barbara Teusink, Melinda Smith, Sandra Wilkie and Sandra Oliver, Roger Buenzow, Bobbi Sorensen, Brian Fox, Al Leitch, Alex DiFrancesco, Ann Sweeney and others). Thank you too to all our members, board members and community partners who have donated so generously to fund this show.


Awards Open to All Categories

Best in Show ($350) - “Somewhere in Sudan” by Ann Sweeney

Juror Comments: “We chose Ann Sweeney’s oil painting, “Somewhere in Sudan” for BIS. We were captivated by her soulful eyes and her inner strength and beauty. It is evident that Sweeney could feel her spirit. Her choice of painting her close-up in a large format gives a powerful impact on the viewer. She masterfully handled the soft filtered light and vibrant colors within a well-designed composition.”

City Art Award ($100 Gift Certificate) - “David and Mattie” by Sonya Diimmler

Rush’s Founding Patron Award ($125) - “Urban Renewal #4” by Tommy Thompson

Diimmler’s Catering Award ($100) - “The Guttermen” by Anne Hightower-Patterson White

The Braddock Group Legacy Award ($100) - “Star Gazer” by Dale Bishop

Irmo Insurance Award ($100) - “Remember 6,000,000” by Robert Carlsson

Mungo Homes Award ($100) - “Serenity” by Shin Wilbanks

Nelson Mullins Award ($100) - “Fruitful Harmony” by Sandra Wilkie

Invitation Postcard Award ($50) - “Heart of Fire” by Barbara Teusink

USC Associate Juror Award ($50) - “Peek-a-Boo: Back Into the Woods, V” by Karen Larrabee

Benedict Associate Juror Award ($50) - “Pit Master” by Dale Bishop

People’s Choice Award ($100) - "Beach Solace" by Sonya Diimmler

2D Artwork Awards - Masters

First Place – Masters ($250) - “MY Sister!” by Karen Larrabee

Second Place – Masters ($225) - “Beacon Hill” by Ron Weathers

Third Place – Masters ($200) - “Avian Artistry” by Marcia Murray

Smith Sweeney Memorial Award – Masters ($100) - “Edisto” by Pam Bulak

Weathers Contracting Award – Masters ($100) - “Miss Sarah III” by Anne H.P. White

Palmetto Fine Arts Award – Masters ($100) - “Little Boy Blue” by Jean Kirkley

Patron Award – Masters ($75) - “Here’s Looking at You” by Debra Kelly

Merit Awards – Masters ($50 each) - “Saluda at Riverbanks” by Al Leitch

“Sunset at Bowens Island” by Chris Carlsson

2D Artwork Awards - Amateur

First Place – Amateur ($175) - “Four Feet” by Sonya Diimmler

Second Place – Amateur ($150) - “Waves at Dawn” by Stephanie Arnold

Third Place – Amateur ($125) - “Sunscreen” by Roberta Sorensen

Smith Sweeney Memorial Award – Amateur ($100) - “Abstract 101” by Barbara Teusink

Weathers Contracting Award – Amateur ($100) - “Sea Dance” by Donald Bishop

Patron Award – Amateur ($75) - “Vortex” by Susan Hawfield

Merit Awards – Amateur ($50 Each) - “Drayton Hall” by Diana Smith

“Mischievous?” by Rajas Londhe

Photography Awards

First Place – Photography ($125) - “Lady Bluebird” by Brian Fox

Second Place – Photography ($100) - “Deferred Maintenance” by Robert Carlsson

Third Place – Photography ($75) - “Colors of Peru” by Ginger Robinson

Patron Award – Photography ($50) - “Pawley’s Island Sanderling” by Kay Young

Merit Award – Photography ($25) - “Lion Hearted” by Roger Buenzow

3D Artwork Awards

First Place – 3D Artwork ($125) - “Farm Alarm III” by Ruby DeLoach

Second Place – 3D Artwork ($100) - “Green Conger Bowl” by Janet Rich

Third Place – 3D Artwork ($75) - “Mandala” by Olga Yukhno

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