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The Artists Place Gallery - Blue Ribbon Winner!

We have a winner!

The Blue Ribbon Winner in The Artist's Place Gallery competition for October is Diane McCavitt with her colorful sunset painting "Ocean Sunset". Our theme this month was "Sunrises and Sunsets". We had a number of lovely entries.

This month's competition was judged by the Crooked Creek Park Staff.

Please join me in congratulating Diane on her win!!

Painting: "Ocean Sunset" by Diane McCavitt

"Ocean Sunset"

The name of this piece is "Ocean Sunset". It is acrylic on canvas.

About the Artist

Initially I painted with oils but got too frustrated with how long it took for the medium to dry and switched to acrylic. I was born and raised in the mountains in Idaho and grew up roaming the hills, swimming in the river and loving nature. I guess that is why most of my work is landscapes. When I see a scene I love or something from home, I feel compelled to paint it. I've not really had much in the way of formal training in art (was a corporate executive in my career) and only recently (after retiring and moving to SC) began to paint in earnest. I've done a couple commission pieces and given my family many paintings but haven't really sold much so my home is full of my artwork, both displayed and stored. I'm gearing up to begin selling it in the near future so the session at last month's meeting was very helpful.

Thank you to everyone that participated. Join the fun by entering your artwork in the coming months!

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