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Photo of artist Rebecca Horne

Rebecca Horne

1920 Pine Lake Drive
West Columbia, SC 29169


Rebecca Horne

Rebecca is a contemporary abstract mixed media artist based in West Columbia, S.C. Rebecca began painting as a child whose father was an artist. She had explored many mediums throughout her life such as, watercolors, landscapes, flower and pet portraits in oil.

In 2018, Rebecca discovered abstract art and has passionately embraced it as the style of art that evokes and liberates her creative spirit. Rebecca feels this type of art allows her to have full creative freedom when she works. Rebecca constantly searches for ideas to make her art unique and beautiful. She loves to experiment and push herself in hopes of taking her art to the next level. She prefers to create art that exercises the viewers imagination. Her work speaks to those who like to interpret art. She enjoys hearing what people see in her art and how a piece can bring out positive emotions in them. She wants people to view her work and feel peace, happiness or energy.

Gallery Cover Artwork:

(viewable HERE)

Mixed Media
24x18 with finished edges (no frame needed)
Falling is a mixed media piece that includes a smooth background of alcohol ink, my own
texture medium for the raised section, then painted with acrylic paint, acrylic ink and finished
with gold highlights. Falling won a competition to be on the cover of an international art magazine!

Mixed Media Painting: "Falling" by artist Rebecca Horne


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