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Spotlight Artist January 2021: Rebecca Horne

Please join us in congratulating the Spotlight Artist of the Month: Rebecca Horne! Art is always best when viewed in person so stop by and say hello, see the art and thank the Chamber for all that they do for our community. We appreciate them being supporters of the arts as well!

Please join us in congratulating Rebecca on her beautiful artwork.

Original Fluid Acrylic Painting: "Ascension of Mermaid" by Rebecca Horne
Ascension of Mermaid

About the Artwork:

Ascension of Mermaid

Size: 14" x 40" on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Medium: Fluid Acrylic

Price: $375.00

From the Artist:

"I started this piece almost two years ago. I wanted to make a painting that created drama and captured the attention of anyone that would see it. I made the fluid part and hung it on my wall for several months before I decided that it wasn’t enough. So I decided to paint in a bunch of bubbles. I wanted ALOT of bubbles. That’s what took so long. It’s been my End of the Year Resolution to complete before 2021. I finally just completed it & took it to the edge with the bubbles. Now I love it and it’s dramatic and fun!"

Photo of Artist: Rebecca Horne

Artist Bio:

Rebecca is a self-taught artist currently working in fluid acrylics, textured acrylics and alcohol ink. She began painting as a child whose father was an artist. She has explored many creative mediums throughout her life such as: watercolors, landscapes, flower and pet portraits in oil. Rebecca discovered fluid art in 2018 and has passionately embraced it as well as textured art as the style of art that evokes and liberates her creative spirit. She feels that this type of art allows her to have full creative freedom when she works. Her work speaks to those who like to interpret art. She enjoys hearing what people see in her art and how a piece can bring out positive emotions in them. She wants people to view her work and feel peace, happiness or energy. Rebecca is featured in Destig Magazine 20 Artists to Collect in 2020.


For more Information: Email Rebecca by clicking HERE.


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