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Rebecca Horne Receives Award

Congratulations to Rebecca Horne whose painting, "At Last," received an Honorable Mention at the 33rd Annual Juried Competition Exhibition presented by the Arts Council of York County. Rebecca had two paintings accepted into the competition which features 35 works by 22 artists from across the United States. Her other painting juried in is "Decompression."

abstract painting titled "At Last"
"At Last" by Rebecca Horne - mixed media - 40 x 30

From Rebecca

“I’m incredibly honored to have had two pieces accepted to participate in this show and so grateful to have my piece “At Last” selected as an Honorable Mention! I’ve been working on this piece for over a year. During the CCAL meeting with Anne Hightower-Patterson White, she made a very helpful suggestion to help me give it what it needed. I ended up revamping almost everything on it. I kept the basic shape but changed the colors and added some extra texture elements including the three lines that go through the shape. I think they helped anchor the composition somehow. It’s funny how we can get stuck on a piece for a while but then put it aside until we can figure it out. Don’t give up! Take a break instead. You never know what can happen!”

abstract painting "Decompression" by Rebecca Horne
"Decompression" by Rebecca Horne - mixed media - 36 x 24

photo of artist Rebecca Horne
Artist Rebecca Horne


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