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Public Gallery Member Exhibits

CCAL is proud to partner with twelve local businesses who host artwork galleries at their place of business. ALL CCAL members are invited to participate as exhibiting artist in these gallery spaces. We encourage you to take advantage of these galleries to showcase (and potentially sell) your artwork in these public venues.

Each of these host collaborations allows CCAL to provide premier artwork for the sponsoring business and for the host to demonstrate their support for the arts and artists within the community. Some galleries only require one piece of art while others call for multiple pieces. For more on this and all our galleries, click HERE.

Want to know how to get on the schedule?

Click HERE to request to be added to the schedule


contact our Public Gallery Coordinator for more information.

Requests received are kept in the pool of candidates for a gallery until they are either assigned or declined by the artist. You do not need to submit repeat requests for any given gallery.

You are encouraged to participate in our public galleries and we want you to have a great experience.

Please review the updated guidelines at


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