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Organizing Your Studio/Art Space

Photo of organized space

The many times that I have moved, I have gained and lost Art/ Studio Space. Very frustrating at times, but at times very cathartic! Some times I needed to purge!

Moving into our Chapin home from Oregon was a little traumatic for me. I didn’t have a dedicated space to create. Once upon a time, I was a professional organizer so I put that knowledge to work. I had to think outside the box. I had a small laundry room and a garage with no work bench area for me!!!

Now after creating several areas that work for me, I am passing on words of wisdom to you all.

Creating a space that works for you and organizing it should be methodical.

Photo of organized space

Find a room or space that feels right for you - someplace where you can be by yourself to create. You might have to do some work first.

I use these five rules for creating and organizing!

  1. Purge the space first. Get three boxes label them: Donate, Sell and Trash. Get rid of anything you don’t need.

  2. Maximize the space. Even if it is small, it can work. Make notes on where you want things. Measure furniture, etc. that you want to fit into the room or area. Shop your house first for storage pieces tables etc.

  3. If you need things, shop smart. Shop thrift stores & garage sales. If you are handy. Build something.

  4. Think outside the box! You are an artist! Create!

  5. It’s the little changes that make a difference! Even if you are not creating a space from scratch, small changes count too! This doesn’t have to be difficult.

In my laundry room. I removed the cabinet doors to open up the small space. I used a small drawered storage cabinet for small items. Ribbon holders on the wall for ribbon rolls and mini shelves for paint. I used Ball jars to hold paint brushes, pencils and markers. Most of the things I had already. In the garage, we extended the work bench with storage to give me space.

If you need space, don’t give up. If you have space, then recreate.

If you have questions, I'll be happy to help.


About the Author:

A native of Bluefield, West Virginia, Alexandra (Alex) is a retired school guidance counselor. She has had the opportunity to live on both the East and West Coasts before moving to Chapin, South Carolina in 2015.

Alex has enjoyed photography since she was a child, playing with her parents Kodak Brownie camera. She enjoys photographing a variety of subjects which includes nature and architecture.

She has been a member of Crooked Creek Art League for four years and as a member, she rediscovered her passion of photography. “I am surrounded by so many amazing artists and they inspire me.” Although just an amateur, Alex loves entering gallery shows and exhibits and considers them all a part of the learning experience. She has participated in the USC School of Visual Art and Design’s 64th Annual Art Auction, Crooked Creek Art League Annual Juried Show, Crooked Creek Art League Still Hopes Fall Juried Show, South Carolina State Fair, and the 2020 Dogwood Festival Art Show in Denmark, SC. She also just completed a one-person exhibit at Chapin City Hall. Alex also shows her photography in local galleries. Alexandra is a Juried member of the South Carolina Artisans Center in Walterboro, SC. She currently serves on the board of CCAL as grant writer.

Alex previously served as a professional organizer while living in Oregon.


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