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Juried Show - Member's Choice Winner

Each year, members of Crooked Creek Art League have the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece of artwork. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Member's Choice Award for the recent annual Juried Show was:

Painting: "Summer Maine Roses" by Britty Pointer
"Summer Maine Roses" by Britty Pointer

Photo of artist: Britty Pointer

Artist Bio:

Although I wasn't very successful decluttering my house with Marie Kondo, she left me with the principle, "If it sparks joy, keep it!" Art sparks such joy in me, I'll keep it forever!

I didn't start painting or taking classes until retiring after many, many years of teaching and tutoring all ages from preschool through college and adult ed. I mustered up courage to enroll in an oil painting class at City Art and then started taking classes from Michel McNinch, which I still enjoy immensely. I'm fortunate to share a studio with 5 other artists. We're all unique in our creative approaches and interests but we support and encourage each other and share our love of art.

The other sparks of joy in my life include my three children, four grandchildren, and six cats. Yes, I'm a cat lady and love to paint them... and dogs too!


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