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Family Practice of Chiropractic - August/September - Ruby DeLoach

Please join us in congratulating this month's featured artist in the "Family Practice Chiropractic Gallery," Ruby DeLoach.

About the Artwork

"Whispering Love Songs" (28×30, $600) was inspired by the song, "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina where the morning glories twine around our door Whispering Pretty Love Songs we long to hear once more."

"Dahlias Dancing in the Breeze" (25"×25", $375) was painted plein air one spring in the Georgia Botanical Garden. Ruby says she got a lot of help that day from Mother Nature who blew her painting in progress off the easel. After retrieving it and securing it firmly, she begins to resume painting when Mother Nature intervenes again with gigantic raindrops. All the artists fled to the Orchid Greenhouse.

"Lucky In Love #30 " (30×36, $500) is the latest in this series and features the James Pollock technique of thrown paint splashes in a rainbow of colors. The four-leaf clover was presented to her with a request for a painting by her sister to get her into her Art Party Studio with a brush in hand to continue painting after her husband passed. She looked at the four-leaf clover and realized how lucky in love she had been, and a new series was begun.

Photo of artist: Sandra Oliver

Artist Bio

Ruby DeLoach

Ruby is a native South Carolinian, born in Woodruff, she grew up on Blackstock Road, named for the Revolutionary War Battlefield. Crayons, pencils, coloring and watercolor books and five & dime store watercolor kits were provided by her mother. She and her sister were inventive when painting in the watercolor books and picked pokeberries for purple and got purple fingers. They found clay in different colors in the banks of gullies, and green that could be pulverized with a hammer from grass. Her sister got in deep trouble with their mother by gathering chicken eggs to use the egg whites in the paint mixtures and the yokes in her mud pies.

Ruby paints and illustrates books. The most recent is Playing in the Dirt, written over a five year period for a landscaping newsletter; thus, it covers ways to interact with nature and plants throughout the year. Books are available at Palmetto Fine Arts and


CCAL Gallery Host:

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We welcome Family Practice of Chiropractic as a new public gallery and hosting the art of one of our artists for a two-month period. We are proud to have Dr. Ricky Brannon, Jr. and his staff as a business partner and are grateful for their support.

This exhibit features multiple pieces of artwork for a two-month period.

Family Practice of Chiropractic is located at 203 Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin. (

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


Interested in becoming a gallery display artist? For more information or to be selected as an exhibit artist, contact our Public Gallery Coordinator.


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