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Chophouse of Chapin/Deca Gallery with Brian Fox

Get a taste of some great new art in the gallery at The Chophouse of Chapin and Deca Dessert bar.

Congratulations to artist, Brian Fox, for his beautiful photographs. His art will be on display from April through June 2023. Check it out!

six paintings by artist Joyce Oates
"Crooked Creek Red Fox" by photographer Brian Fox

five photographs of birds by artist Brian Fox
Display by photographer Brian Fox

About the Artwork


Crooked Creek Fox - framed photograph - 24 x 18 - $300

Row 1

Proud Wood Duck - framed photograph - 18 x 24 - $300

Mister Bluebird - framed photograph - 24 x 18 - $300

Ruby Throat - framed photograph - 18 x 24 - $300

Row 2

Belle Blue - framed photograph - 24 x 18 - $300

Summer Girl - framed photograph - 24 x 18 - $300

Summer Tanager - framed photograph - 24 x 18 - $300

Row 3

Sunlit Hummingbird - framed photograph - 24 x 18 - $300

Artist Bio

Brian Fox

I'm a retired forester with a passion for nature photography. I've been an avid photographer since 1974, when I purchased a good SLR camera just before leaving for a two year stint in Niger with the Peace Corps.

Over the years I've entered several photo contests and won a few. I've also upgraded my equipment on a regular basis and now use digital cameras exclusively.

I strive for a simple and striking composition. I like the subject to dominate the frame. I try to focus on the eyes and bring out the character of the subject. Birds, butterflies, and frogs are my usual subjects because they find my backyard an attractive habitat.

To see more of Brian Fox's photographs, click HERE.


CCAL Gallery Host:

Chophouse of Chapin Logo

Chophouse of Chapin


Deca Dessert Bar Logo

the Deca Dessert Bar

The Chophouse/Deca Gallery is located inside the Chophouse of Chapin on inner wall shared with the Deca Dessert Bar at 301 Columbia Avenue in Chapin (across from the High School). We are excited to partner with the Happy Fork restaurant group to showcase the artwork of local artists.

A collection of art by one to two artists is featured in this gallery in a display that rotates every three months. The gallery is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on this and all our other galleries, click HERE.


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