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CCAL Display Cabinet: October through December 2022

Stop by Crooked Creek Park to view the great collection of art by Lisa Alberghini on exhibit in the TAP Gallery Display Cabinet (in the lobby at Crooked Creek Park). Be sure to visit it when you are at the park!

Collection of artwork by Lisa Alberghini
TAP Display Case showing artwork by Lisa Algerghini

About the Artwork

Display of Smaller Works by Lisa Alberghini


Rainbow Grasshopper, watercolor, 11 x 13, $100

Orange/Yellow Rosebud, watercolor, 6 x 8, $50

Old Doorknob, watercolor, 7 x 10, $80

Lavender Beauty, watercolor, 8 x 10, $100


Macaw Zentangle, giclee print, 8 x 10, $65

Sea Turtle Zentangle, giclee print, 8 x 10 $65

Hummingbird Zentangle, giclee print, 8 x 10, $65

Seahorse Zentangle, giclee print, 8 x 10, $65


Monarch Butterfly on White Duck Feathers, acrylic. 9 x 11, $50

Pebble Art

Top Row:

Woof, pebble art, 5 x 7, $25

Man Petting Dog, pebble art, 7 x 9, $35

Hugs, pebble art, 6 x 8, $30

Bottom Row:

Family Sitting on a Log, pebble art, oval 9 x 11, $40

Family with Dog, pebble art, 10 x 10, $50

Cross, pebble art, 8 x 10, $40


Cairn Sculptures, rocks, size varies in width and height, $20 each

Artist Bio

Lisa Alberghini

Photo of the artist Lisa Alberghini

527 Rapids Road

Columbia, SC 29212


Facebook: Eclecticity – Art by Lisa Alberghini

Company Name: Eclecticity

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I started drawing when I was a little girl and never stopped. My mother was a wonderful artist and my inspiration. I used to watch her draw and paint and was mesmerized by the beautiful drawings and paintings she created. I would draw on any scrap piece of paper I could find as a child. As I got older, I started trying different mediums: charcoal, pencil, chalk, pastels, and then started painting with oils. My mother and I would take an art class occasionally at the local community college and that’s where my love for watercolors began. As the years have gone by, I have tried many different mediums and love to do all types of crafts as well. The need for art in my life has increased as over the years. There is a peace I feel within while painting or drawing.

Art, for me, is a release into a world of creativity and a time for me to leave the worries of the world behind. When I am painting or drawing, I am totally focused on what I’m working on, and time just passes by.

I love the feeling when a piece is complete. I can’t describe the feeling, but it is a true sense of joy and satisfaction. I am always amazed at the finished piece and know that my talent is a God given talent.

As I get older, I am trying to focus more on painting and drawing. Whether it be a watercolor painting, a Zentangle drawing, or a mural on a wall; my paint brushes and pens are always ready.


CCAL Gallery Host:

Irmo Chapin Recreations Commission Logo

The Artists Place (TAP) gallery is located in the front lobby of the Crooked Creek Park Recreation Center at 1098 Old Lexington Hwy in Chapin. The gallery hosts a monthly rotation of art from a variety of CCAL artists.

The CCAL Display Cabinet can be found in the right side of the gallery as you enter from the front doors. It hosts a rotating multipiece display with a collection of new pieces from a Crooked Creek Art League artist every three months.

For more information about all our public galleries click HERE.

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