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CCAL Display Cabinet: January through March 2024

Stop by Crooked Creek Park to view the great collection of acrylics by Cait Wright on exhibit in the TAP Gallery Display Cabinet (in the lobby at Crooked Creek Park). The exhibit will be on display from January through March 2024. Be sure to visit it when you are at the park!

an acrylic painting of two purple flowers on a yellow background by artist Cait Wright
"Fun in the Sun"

About the Art

Top - Fun in the Sun - acrylic, 8" x 8", $30

Column 1

Blue Fire Flower - acrylic, 4" x 4", $10

Christmas Flower - acrylic, 4" x 4", $10

Sunflower Splice - acrylic, 5" x 5", $15

Orange You Glad - acrylic, 5" x 7", $20

Column 2

Feeling Blue - acrylic, 4" x 4", $10

Petal Pink - acrylic, 4" x 4", $10

Purple Rain - acrylic, 5" x 5", $15

Red Velvet - acrylic, 5" x 7", $20

Artist Bio

Cait Patel graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Studio Art Degree in 2014. Her style is colorful, dynamic, and abstract. Her most recent work is largely inspired by nature and minimalism. 


She works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas but explores mixed media as well. 


Her goal is to inspire the viewer to find meaning in the simple and appreciate something as simple as a shape or color for its inherent beauty.


Cait is a member of Trenholm Arts Guild, Cayce Arts Guild, and Crooked Creek Art League.

CCAL Gallery Host:

Irmo Chapin Recreations Commission Logo

The Artists Place (TAP) gallery is located in the front lobby of the Crooked Creek Park Recreation Center at 1098 Old Lexington Hwy in Chapin. The gallery hosts a monthly rotation of art from a variety of CCAL artists.

The CCAL Display Cabinet can be found in the right side of the gallery as you enter from the front doors. It hosts a rotating multipiece display with a collection of new pieces from a Crooked Creek Art League artist every three months.

For more information about all our public galleries click HERE.


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