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CCAL Display Cabinet: May through July 2024 - Ron Coleman

Stop by Crooked Creek Park to view the great collection of pottery by Ron Coleman on exhibit in the TAP Gallery Display Cabinet (in the lobby at Crooked Creek Park). The exhibit will be on display from May through July 2024. Be sure to visit it when you are at the park!

a clay sculpture with two larger and one smaller figure by artist Ron Coleman
"And Baby Makes Three" - Merit Award in 29th Annual Crooked Creek Art League Juried Show and Sale

About the Art

Top - "And Baby Makes Three" - 11.5", clay, $200

Row 1

"Round Plaque" - 8.5" diameter, clay, $40

"Oval Plate" - 5.5" x 7", clay, $18 - SOLD

Row 2

"Native American, Pinch Pot" - clay 4" x 5", $24

"Fish Bowl" - clay, 6" x 8", $24

Row 3

"Sandal" - clay, 6" x 3", $18

Row 4

"Pinch Pot"" - clay, 4" x 7", $20

"Round Plaque," - clay, 7.5" diameter, $30

Row 5

"Oval Plaque" - clay, 8" x 11", $45

"Large Coil Pot" - clay 9" x 11", $75

Row 6

"Oval Plate" - clay, 8" x 11", $45

"3 Little Cottages" - clay, 7" x 11", $65

Row 7

"Tall Tower" - clay, 5" x 14", $60

"Colored Plate" - clay, hand built, 7.5", $25

Row 8

"Octopus Bowl" - clay, 5.5" x 9", $35

"First Snowfall in the Mountains" - clay, 12-3/4" diameter, $110

Artist Bio

Ron Coleman

artist Ron Coleman

My experience in creating pottery pieces is just a bit over six months, The path I followed to create pottery is not only interesting but also diverse. 

After 5 years as an Army Ranger (Vietnam, etc.), it only seemed natural to begin a career that would provide a dramatic switch from “destroying” to “creating.”  Consequently, I decided to become a “man of the cloth.” I became a SAILMAKER.

After nearly 30 years of working with my hands to fabricate sails, boat tops, and related items, I, like so many people, retired and took up GOLF!

To say that I became addicted to the game is clearly an understatement.  After several years, the “golf addiction” lost all its attraction, and so I began looking for a new “addiction.”

POTTERY!  Working with my hands to fabricate items out of clay was an easy transition, and it has hooked me forever.  I have not yet taken up throwing on the wheel, but it’s something to look forward to down the road.  

Ron’s pottery, “And Baby Makes Three," received a Merit Award in the 29th Annual Crooked Creek Juried Art Show.and Sale.

CCAL Gallery Host:

Irmo Chapin Recreations Commission Logo

The Artists Place (TAP) gallery is located in the front lobby of the Crooked Creek Park Recreation Center at 1098 Old Lexington Hwy in Chapin. The gallery hosts a monthly rotation of art from a variety of CCAL artists.

The CCAL Display Cabinet can be found in the right side of the gallery as you enter from the front doors. It hosts a rotating multipiece display with a collection of new pieces from a Crooked Creek Art League artist every three months.

For more information about all our public galleries click HERE.


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