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Art at O'Hara's Gallery: Mary Collette - April through June 2023

CCAL congratulates Mary Collette for being one of the two quarterly artists at O'Hara's Bakery and Café in Lexington from April through June 2023. Mary is an active member of the League and currently serves as Fund Raising Chair. We appreciate her volunteering to share her art.

Congratulations Mary!

an acrylic painting of the hull of a blue boat docked in the water's edge by artist Karen Petta
"A Beautiful Eve"

About the artwork:

A Beautiful Eve – oil on canvas – $700

Row 1

39 Rue DeJean – acrylic on canvas - $225

Savannah Steps – acrylic on canvas – $195

Tiger – acrylic on canvas – $450

Row 2

Marshland in Mt. Pleasant - oil on canvas – $500

A Country Field – 18 x 24 - $495

Artist Bio

Mary Collette

artist Mary Collette

I was inspired by my aunt’s paintings and drawings, as I was growing up. I was always intrigued by the thought of creating paintings. My desire to paint was put on hold for many years as I worked and cared for my family. During those years, I learned to design and create posters, bulletins and art projects for schools and churches, temporarily fulfilling my artistic needs. Recently, painting has become a full-time enjoyment and learning experience.

I am a native of Massachusetts relocating to South Carolina in 2003 following my husband’s military retirement. After years of working for the government, I acquired a position as manager and bookkeeper of the Cathedral in Charleston. During my employment there, I had the unique opportunity to observe students at the Gibbs Museum of Art create paintings using a variety of techniques. I have taken instructions through Barbie Mathis, Dale Bishop, Gretchen Parker, Michael Story and Melony Stuckey. In December 2019, I joined Crooked Creek Art League which has offered me the opportunity as an artist to learn and share art.

In 2020, I won first place at the Still Hopes Exhibit for the painting, “Durango Silverton River” and 2021 receiving first prize for the painting “Waiting” in the Juried Show at Crooked Creek. I have entered my paintings each year into the South Carolina Fair.


CCAL Gallery Host:

O'Hara's Bakery Cafe Logo

CCAL is excited to be partnered with O'Hara's Bakery Cafe in Lexington to exhibit a rotating display of artwork by local artists.

Located on Historic Main Street in Lexington, O'Hara's goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy gourmet coffee, signature cocktails and delectable desserts made from scratch right in our kitchen. They provide freshly brewed coffee that was roasted right here in the Palmetto State. And they tirelessly provide a variety of ingeniously-crafted, daily baked treats for you to indulge your taste buds. So, whether you’ve just eaten one of their delicious meals at O’Hara’s Public House, and still have room for a tasty treat, or you are out and about and looking for that extraordinary place calling out to your taste buds, it's a great place to go to indulge yourself!

And, you can add the enjoyment of beautiful artwork to your visit! The gallery exhibit spans a large brick wall inside the cafe at 121 E. Main Street in Lexington.

A collection of art by one to two artists is featured in this gallery in a display that rotates every three months. The gallery is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on this and all our other galleries, click HERE.


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