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2021 Contest: "SC Feathered Friends and Wildlife"

Logo for SC Feathered Friends and Wildlife Contest

This year's annual contest "SC Feathered Friends and Wildlife" was presented on Monday May 17. We had a great crowd for our first in person (and Zoom) meeting and End of Year Party. Due to COVID, we weren't able to have our usual lavish buffet but we did have beautiful handmade CCAL cookies and other individually packaged snacks and beverages. As usual, we had a lot of laughter and fellowship as we all enjoyed being able to see each other face to face once again and enjoying the beautiful ART. We had 37 members and 3 guests in attendance. The 2021 May Member’s Contest Theme was conceived and planned by Kay Fox.

From Kay Fox:

I was inspired by being born and raised in South Carolina and I am a true nature lover. My husband, Brian, and I love visiting the 47 State Parks taking pictures of our natural wildlife... especially birds. Therefore, the theme this year was SC Feathered Friends and Wildlife.

I was thrilled to have 23 entries from many different types of media that were beautiful. The winner, Maureen Carter’s "White Throated Sparrow" was beautiful. James Difrecesco’s metal sculpture of a turtle and sea scape was outstanding as well. I learned that the different colors were due to different amounts of heat. Bebe Way’s "Quit Nagging" was two great blue herons depicting one squawking at the other. As you look through the pictorial show, know that everyone put a lot of time and effort into their entries. All members present voted to select the winners. I did not see one that was not a deserving winner. I look forward to next year’s show.

The Winners:

You can view all the entered artwork HERE.

Photo of handmade CCAL Cookies


A big "Thank you" to all who participated in making this evening memorable. To those who helped with setup - "well done". For all the participating artists - you outdid a great job! We would like to thank each of the artists for sharing your creations and your participation in the event. Thank you too to Kay Fox for taking on the task of planning and running the contest for us this year.


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