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Photo of artist: Maureen Carter

Maureen Carter

c/o CCAL
PO Box 501
Chapin, SC 29036

(803) 467-4701

Maureen Carter

Growing up Maureen always enjoyed dabbling in sketching and painting but it wasn’t until she retired that her artistic journey really began. She started taking classes from Anna Kay Singley who introduced everything from collage to making paper to pottery to watercolor and many other creative media! She loves learning from other artists and combines her thirst to learn with her desire to travel. Some of her favorite subjects are of places she has visited around the world and some of her favorite paintings are images created on her lap via brushes and pallet.

Her style goes from semi-realistic to somewhat quirky. Her favorite media is watercolor but she also works in collage and acrylic. She is a member of SC Watermedia Society and Crooked Creek Art League where she has served as Treasurer for seven years. She is an award-winning artist and loves the thrill of winning but her real satisfaction comes in creating something impressive to herself.

Gallery Cover Artwork:

(viewable HERE)

"Rainbow Bridge"
22x26 Watercolor

Painting: "Rainbow Bridge" by artist Maureen Carter


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