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Rebecca Horne Featured at Koger Center

We want to extend a hearty congratulations to CCAL artist Rebecca Horne who was awarded Honorable Mention in the Koger Center For The Arts "The Project". Because of this recognition, she will have 8-10 artwork pieces on display at the Koger Center from May 2022-August 2022 with a opening reception on May 13th, 2022. Congratulations Rebecca!

About the exhibit

The Project: A 2021 Call for Art Opening Reception - May 13, 2022 - 6:00 p.m. The Project: A Call for Art from the Koger Center for the Arts is an annual artistic competition that supports the work of South Carolina visual artists. Each year, one chosen artist will receive a $500 stipend, gallery space, and staff support resulting in a free public display in the Upstairs Gallery of the Koger Center. History of The Project: The Project began as The 1593 Project: A Call for Art from the Koger Center for the Arts, during the national shelter-in-place situation due to COVID-19 in 2020. Inspired by the theatre closures that London faced during the bubonic plague in the year 1593, The Koger Center's Call for Art was created to support artists as they endured the devastating effect of the COVID-19 shutdowns. In 2020, we encouraged submissions from South Carolina artists and received a diverse array of artwork reflective of the state's vibrant arts and cultural talent from over 55 entrants.

Rebecca says: "I’m beyond grateful to be chosen as a Honorable Mention by The Project: A 2021 Call for Art from the Koger Center for the Arts!

I knew about the contest for awhile but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I wanted to enter but I didn’t know what to enter. On the last day of the deadline, I woke up and I knew exactly what to do. I entered several pieces of my mixed media textured work. I’ve only been doing this medium for a year so it was a scary for me to put my art out there in this capacity. I’d be happy if they chose one!

I really love making art like this. Every time a place a blank canvas in front of me, I challenge myself to do something no one else is doing or to combine different types of texture on one canvas and see if I can turn it into something beautiful. I’m constantly driven to take my art to the next level. Every piece I make is different and has a place in my evolution as an artist."

Artist Statement

Creating is my nature. Creating unique, unpredictable art that intrigues the viewer is my

passion. My obsession. I have a strong desire to make art that makes people think. Makes

people feel an emotional response and form a connection to my art. I love to hear what people

see and how the art captures they’re imagination.

I’ve fallen in love with challenging myself to use unpredictable objects as texture. Objects from

around the house, yard or hardware store. When using several different texture mediums and

objects, it can be a challenge to construct something beautiful from a controlled chaos of

rough textures.

Artist Bio

Photo by Brandi Blake Photography

Rebecca Horne

Rebecca is a self-taught artist currently working in fluid acrylics and textured acrylics. She began painting as a child whose father was an artist. She has explored many creative mediums throughout her life such as: watercolors, landscapes, flower and pet portraits in oil. Rebecca discovered fluid art in 2018 and has passionately embraced it as well as textured art as the style of art that evokes and liberates her creative spirit. She feels that this type of art allows her to have full creative freedom when she works.


Email Rebecca by clicking HERE.


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