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Plein Air Painters Welcome at Farmer's Market

Chapin Farmers Market Logo

The Chapin Downtown Farmer's Market is held the first Saturdays of the month from May through October in the 100 block of Clark Street.

Each month they have exciting themes and free demonstrations designed to promote healthy eating and physical activity. They also plan to have prepared food vendors, live music, activities for kids and great SC grown produce and agriculture products. All interested artists and original local craftsperson that makes his/her own work may become a vendor at the market (see Vendor Rules & Application). Priority will be given to artists that produce their craft largely from natural materials and/or original sources.

CCAL has participated with a full vendor booth at select market events in the past. If you want to play a part without a full vendor booth and setup, the town invites any interested artist to setup and do live plein air painting onsite during the Farmer's Market. No registration or fee, just set up and paint :-). This is not intended to be an exhibit booth but you are welcome to bring along a few small items to share or sell by your painting station.

For more information, contact Nicholle Burroughs at

Please let Nicholle know you are coming if you are interested in being included in promotional materials.

Photo of Russell Jewell Plein Air Painting in downtown Chapin
Russell Jewell Plein Air Painting in downtown Chapin

plein air

1 : of or relating to painting in outdoor daylight. 2 : of or relating to a branch of impressionism that attempts to represent outdoor light and air. plein air. French adjective. \ ple-ner \ Definition of Plein Air by Merriam-Webster


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