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Palmetto Fine Arts on Display: Apr - May 2021

Palmetto Fine Arts (PFA) has always generously dedicated space for CCAL artists to always be part of the great display of Fine Art in their gallery. You can see the current exhibit through May with the wonderful work of of two great CCAL artists: Bobbi Sorensen and Lisa Alberghini.

Photo of CCAL Gallery display at Palmetto Fine Arts

Featured Artists:

Roberta "Bobbi" Sorensen

Click on any image to view larger and see artwork details.

About the Artwork

  1. “Sails at Dusk”, 26”x18", Oil, $850 (Giclee Prints also available: $125)

  2. “Abandoned”, 24”x18”, Oil, $425

  3. “Sailing on the Venice Lagoon”, 27”x15”, Oil, $1,200

  4. “Tranquility”, 20”x16”, Oil, $900 (Giclee Prints also available: $125)

  5. “Eclipse”, 16”x20”, Oil, $750 (Giclee Prints also available: $125)

Photo: Artist Roberta "Bobbi" Sorensen

About the Artist​​

Roberta (Bobbi) Sorensen

Roberta (Bobbi) Sorensen began studying art at Mount San Antonio College near Los Angeles in the 1960s, earned BA in Art Education from the University of Maryland, and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the George Washington University, Washington, DC. One of the works created at the U of MD was purchased by the University for its permanent collection.

After graduation, disappointed to learn that there were too many Art teachers, she joined the job market in an area different from that which she planned. Bobbi worked on Capitol Hill and as Executive Director of a number of health-related organizations during her career in DC and NY. During these years she limited herself to doing occasional charcoal portraits, and designing and producing association newsletters.

Bobbi semi-retired in 2014, moved to SC, and in 2017 joined the Crooked Creek Art League. She has served as Secretary of the Board, and as Chair of the Fall Juried Show at Still Hopes in 2019 and takes advantage of the League’s diverse workshops. After finally setting up a home studio and picking up a brush, Bobbi entered and won two awards in the 2018 Annual Juried Show, Third Place Amateur in the 2019 Annual Juried Show, Third Place in the 2020 Still Hopes Exhibition. First Place Amateur in the 2020 Annual Juried Show, and 3rd Place Masters in the 2021 Annual Juried Show. She recently set up a website and has begun...albeit slowly…selling paintings and giclee prints, and 2021 has been targeted as the year she will jettison most of her consulting side business and focus more intently on painting. When asked to describe her philosophy toward painting, she simply says that “It is never too late”.

You can see more of Bobbi's artwork in her online gallery page and her website:


Lisa Alberghini

Click on any image to view larger and see artwork details.

About the Artwork

  1. “Mexican Coneflower”, 20”x28", Watercolor, $250 Inspired by a photo I took from a flower in my garden.

  2. “Sunset on the Pier”, 16”x20”, Watercolor, $250 I love ocean sunset pictures and was captivated by the colors and reflections in this picture

  3. “Butterfly on a Rosebud”, 12”x18”, Watercolor, $125 I love the texture of the butterfly in this painting.

  4. “Variegated Azalea”, 11”x14”, Watercolor, $125 This is from a photo I took at my sister’s house. I loved the colors of the flower.

  5. “Flowers In Bloom”, 12”x18”, Watercolor, $150 This was done in a workshop learning a new technique of wet and fast, taught by Ryan Fox.

  6. “White/Pink Rose”, 11”x14”, Watercolor, $125 I love roses and their many layers.

  7. "Daisy", 11”x14”, Watercolor, $125 This is from a photo I took. I love the simplicity of daisies.

  8. "Purple Rose", 11”x14”, Watercolor, $90 I just loved the color of this Rose.

  9. "Old Doorknob", 5”x7”, Watercolor, $75 I love old, things. This old doorknob just spoke to me.

  10. "Orange/Yellow Rosebud", 5”x7”, Watercolor, $75 Just love painting rosebuds.

  11. "Rainbow Grasshopper", 8”x10”, Watercolor, $100 I painted this because I just loved the colors in this grasshopper. It’s just so cool.

About the Artist

Lisa Alberghini

Photo of artist: Lisa Alberghini

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I started drawing when I was a little girl and never stopped. My mother was an artist and I used to watch her draw and paint and was mesmerized by the beautiful drawings and paintings she created and I wanted to be like her. I would draw on any scrap piece of paper I could find as a child, and I still have some of those drawings I did as a child.

As the years grew, my love for art grew as well. I started out with charcoal, pencil and chalk and then started painting with oils. My mother and I would take an art class here and there at the local community college and that’s where my love for watercolors began. I love the way the colors flow together and make the most beautiful painting.

As a child I loved the stained glass windows in our church. The colors were so beautiful when the sun shone through them. I knew one day I would learn to make them. I have become an accomplished stained glass artisan and it is a passion of mine.

I have always enjoyed doing crafts, and have even taught craft classes. My mind just loves to stay busy and I have to be creating something all the time. I started doing pebble art and vintage jewelry art in the last couple of years and find it so fun and satisfying. People always find it amazing that I can look at a rock and make a picture out of it, but I see beauty in rocks as well as so many things. I love being able to take vintage jewelry and make a piece of art from it. I find it very satisfying to be able to take someone’s grandmother’s jewelry and make them a piece of art they can cherish for the rest of their lives and pass down from generation to generation rather than let the jewelry sit in a jewelry box and be ignored. I am also a muralist. Having a wall as a canvas is so much fun because you have so much space to work with.

I love making jewelry from mother nature’s beauty…sea shells, rocks and gem stones. I don’t make jewelry you’re going to see just anywhere. Every piece is one of a kind and tells a story.

I have recently started doing acrylic pour paintings. There are so many art mediums out there that I’ve yet to try.

I chose the name Eclecticity for my company because I think it pretty much says who I am. I’m very eclectic and my artwork is the same.

I guess I can sum my bio up with this statement:

“You’re never too old to learn something new and there’s so much beauty in the world to enjoy and be created!”

Member: South Carolina Artists (SCA)

Crooked Creek Art League (CCAL)

Lisa A. Alberghini – Artist

527 Rapids Road, Columbia SC 29212

(864) 350-2648

Facebook page: Eclecticity – Art by Lisa A. Alberghini


CCAL Gallery Host:

Palmetto Fine Arts Logo

The gallery is located in the heart of Palmetto Fine Arts at 140 Amicks Ferry Road, Unit E, Chapin.

The CCAL Gallery Display at Palmetto Fine Arts & Custom Frame Gallery is hosted by TC Bowers, owner and league member. Floral, landscape, still life and abstract works by local artists illuminate the gallery and pieces are rotated on a regular basis. The gallery is open to the public during Palmetto Fine Arts normal business hours. Find a print or original piece. You can have TC frame it for you or select a piece that is already framed and purchase it immediately. To find out about special shows held throughout the year visit their web site where information is updated constantly.

Two artists are included in each exhibit, each with an 8'Hx4'W wall to display a number of pieces of wall hanging artwork. The displays rotate every two months.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


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