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Karen Petta's Art on Display at Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Congratulations to CCAL member, Karen Petta, for being selected to display her art at CAE's Art in the Airport. Her display of 12 paintings began in December and will remain until the end of February.

The opening reception will be February 6, 2024, from 4-5pm. Come show your support for Karen.

a mixed media painting by artist Karen Larrabee

Karen Petta

artist Karen Petta

Drawing, painting, sculpting and basically anything to do with art has been a passion of mine since I was a young child. I was fortunate to have encouraging parents who allowed me to paint on walls, and at times (less encouraging) on furniture. Though I never stopped working on art, I decided to study psychology in college and graduated with a Masters from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Following graduation I worked in the field of mental health, focusing on treatment for post-traumatic stress and mood disorders. Art continued to be a part of my life and was often incorporated into therapy sessions. Our family grew with the birth of twin daughters and later our son. In 2005 we relocated to South Carolina. It was at this time I put my therapy hat on the shelf and devoted myself full time to art. I opened a hands-on studio in Lexington. The studio helped me meet amazing people and encourage young children to grow in their pursuit of art. In 2009 we had a surprise blessing, my son Dylan! New time restrictions compelled me to turn over my studio. I was sad to let go of the store front but was blessed in the end as I was able to focus time on my own art. South Carolina and its beauty has been such an inspiration in my paintings. The wildlife, historical buildings and churches touch me in a way that I feel compelled to capture them on canvas. I am so grateful to be in South Carolina during this part of my artistic journey.


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