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Guest Authors Wanted!!

Crooked Creek Art League publishes regular posts here on a BLOG on its website ( The purpose of the BLOG is to share good news about the Arts, CCAL, its activities and its members!

The BLOG is read by all subscribers on the website as well its followers on Facebook. With over 130 subscribers, readers include CCAL members, of course, but also general members of the public interested in the arts that have chosen to subscribe.

We know we have some talented members with good things to share so we invite YOU to take advantage of this audience of art lovers by submitting articles for publication. Articles generally include one or more images (photos of you, your art, whatever you’re writing about) and can encompass various areas of interest such as:

 Celebrations of your achievements (e.g., awards, acceptance as signature member, gallery showing of your art)

  •  Sharing your knowledge (e.g., favorite art tips, techniques, process)

  •  Sharing your love of art (e.g., your favorite artist and why, a great museum/exhibit you’ve visit and how it inspired you, art history)

  •  Any good art news you think others would love to see and hear

Please consider sharing your great news and information with your fellow members! Imagine all the great information shared if each member submitted just one article for publication?

To submit your article, please send an email with the text and images to The content can be in the email itself or an attachment. Questions? Just let us know.

Note: CCAL retains editorial control and reserves the right to revise or reject articles if needed


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