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Chophouse of Chapin/Deca Art Gallery Display!

Get a taste of some great new art in the gallery at The Chophouse of Chapin and Deca Dessert bar.

Congratulations to artist, Sonya Diimmler, for a joyful and colorful display. Check it out!

Gallery display: Sonya Diimmler artwork at Chophouse of Chapin

About the Artwork

(not all titles listed)

"After the Storm" - Oil on canvas, 24x30, $715 framed

"Ascending Sky" - Oil on canvas, 30x40, $1395 framed

"Come Sky with Me II" - Oil on canvas, 24x30, $675 framed

"Dark Heights" - Oil on canvas, 24x36, $790 framed

"Good Morning Lake!" - Oil on canvas, 24x36, $1025 framed

"Last Time on the Lake II" - Oil on canvas, 24x36, $865 framed

"Low Country Comfort" - Oil on canvas, 30x40, $1395 framed


Painting is-regardless of subject-an emotional and physical response to the world. I paint what excites me and that is most often dogs or cloudscapes. My process is an alla prima pouring out of paint and silenced emotions. Their escape onto the canvas informs my style, my voice. Whether painting colorful land and skyscapes, dogs or abstracts, it is from line and gesture I derive great satisfaction and for that reason I prefer to paint large and loose without regard for the details of realism. My hope is to thereby convey my energy and joy to the viewer.

Photo of artist: Sonya Diimmler


Sonya Diimmler

Local artist Sonya Diimmler paints colorful South Carolina lake and landscapes along with her favorite subject and muse her bulldog Smedley and her Boston Terrier Mattie. Sonya’s work has earned awards at the SC State Fair, Union County Arts Council and Crooked Creek Art League. Sonya is an active member of the Crooked Creek Art League in Chapin where she serves as Workshop Coordinator and past President.

She has participated in a number of community art projects including her popular “Ship of Drools” sailboat from The Arts Sail into Chapin project in 2019 as well as the colorful canine and feline portraits on the fence outside Chapin Veterinary Hospital on Columbia Avenue in Chapin. Sonya’s body of work “Seeking Solace” was recently seen on display at Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

Her work can be viewed at High Noon Art Gallery, at The Houston House, and at her online CCAL gallery page and on her website at


CCAL Gallery Host:

Chophouse of Chapin Logo

Chophouse of Chapin


Deca Dessert Bar Logo

the Deca Dessert Bar

The Chophouse/Deca Gallery is located inside the Chophouse of Chapin on inner wall shared with the Deca Dessert Bar at 301 Columbia Avenue in Chapin (across from the High School). We are excited to partner with the Happy Fork restaurant group to showcase the artwork of local artists.

A collection of art by one to two artists is featured in this gallery in a display that rotates every three months. The gallery is open to the public during normal business hours.

For more on this and all our other galleries, click HERE.


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