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CAE Welcomes New Airport Art Exhibit

CCAL extends a great big CONGRATULATIONS to Sonya Diimmler. A long time active CCAL member, Sonya was selected to be featured in a wonderful new art exhibition in the Columbia airport this summer. The show will be on display June 2021 through September 2021.

About the Show

Seeking Solace

Today clouds dreamily float across the heavens without worries or cares, they both revel and relax amid the wild ride the wind chooses for them. But grief can be overwhelming. It’s a journey with no compass, often binding its travelers to circuitous routes. In troubled times, we seek solace. Since my mother’s recent passing, I have sought solace in painting landscapes, stormy and sunny skies both, their beauty summoning memories - trips we took, places we painted together. The paintings included in this show are painted with the intention of honoring her: an amazing painter and a more amazing mother. If there is a lyrical quality to my work, it is grounded in the emotion of that intention. I hope my work reminds those who view it that the search for solace—in and of itself— is the greatest indicator that hope is not lost. Perhaps we all will learn to live like the clouds.

A reception to celebrate the show will be held July 7, 2021 4-5pm. You are invited!!

If you plan to attend, you will need to let Sonya know by email HERE so she can get your name added to the list of people authorized to get through the TSA checkpoint. The show is beyond the TSA checkpoint in a hallway normally only open to ticketed passengers.

CAE Statement about the exhibit

"Help us welcome new Art in the Airport featured artist, Sonya Diimmler, to CAE! Sonya is an award-winning artist who paints colorful images of South Carolina lakes and landscapes. Ten pieces of her work will be on display in the Connector until September — so next time you're flying through, make sure to save enough time to stop and check them out!"


Artist Statement

Painting is - regardless of subject - an emotional and physical response to the world. I paint what excites me and that is most often dogs or cloudscapes. My process is an alla prima pouring out of paint and silenced emotions. Their escape onto canvas informs my style, my voice. Whether painting colorful land and skyscapes, dogs or abstracts, it is from line and gesture I derive great satisfaction and for that reason I prefer to paint large and loose without regard for the details of realism. My hope is to thereby convey my energy and joy to the viewer.

About the Artist

Award winning artist Sonya Diimmler paints colorful South Carolina lake and landscapes along with her favorite subject and muse her bulldog Smedley and her Boston Terrier Mattie. Sonya’s work has earned awards at the SC State Fair, Union County Arts Council and Crooked Creek Art League.

Her painting “David & Mattie” won the City Art Award at Crooked Creek’s Annual Juried Show in 2019. The colorful canine and feline portraits on the fence outside Chapin Veterinary Hospital on Columbia Avenue in Chapin were painted by Sonya.

Sonya is an active member of CCAL having served as both Workshop Coordinator and President for the League. She was also instrumental in the community arts project The Arts Sail into Chapin last summer.

You can see more of Sonya's work on this website HERE and at


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