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Blue Lavender Gallery - September 2022 - Sonya Diimmler

Please join us in congratulating this month's featured artist in the "Blue Lavender Spa Gallery." Sonya Diimmler. Sonya is an award-winning artist and a past president of Crooked Creek Art League.

trees beside a lake at sunset
"Ann's Trees" by Sonya Diimmler

About the Artwork

Ann's Trees


16" x 20"


Artist Statement

Painting is - regardless of subject - an emotional and physical response to the world. I paint what excites me and that is most often dogs or cloudscapes. My process is an alla prima pouring out of paint and silenced emotions. Their escape onto the canvas informs my style, my voice. Whether painting colorful land and skyscapes, dogs or abstracts, it is from line and gesture I derive great satisfaction; and for that reason, I prefer to paint large and loose without regard for the details of realism. My hope is to thereby convey my energy and joy to the viewer.

photograph of artist Sonya Diimmler

Artist Bio

Sonya Diimmler

Sonya Diimmler is known locally for her dramatic use of color, whether painting South Carolina landscapes or her favorite subject and muse her bulldog Smedley.

Sonya’s most recent solo exhibit at Rob Shaw Gallery & Framing in August 2022, launched two new series, Rose Garden and Teal Lake where her trademark colorful Lake and Lowcountry paintings were on display. Ann’s Trees is part of the Rose Garden series and is an homage to her mother who painted the same subject several years ago.

Sonya’s lake and Lowcountry work regularly adorns High Noon’s windows at the corner of Highway 6 and Dutch Fork Road where she sells her work. Her figurative work is prominently on permanent display at 500 Columbia Ave, home to Chapin Veterinary Hospital and Sonya’s ten 4’ square dog and cat portraits, as well as her “Ship of Drools” sailboat from Crooked Creek Art League’s wildly popular Sailboat project from 2019.

Sonya is an active member of the Crooked Creek Art League. You can follow her on Instagram @sonyadiimmlerart or reach her at


CCAL Gallery Host:

Blue Lavender Spa Logo

Blue Lavender Spa is happy to bring the beauty of original art into the spa experience by hosting the art of one of our artists in their lobby each month. We are proud to have Blue Lavender Spa as a business partner and are grateful for their support.

This exhibit features one piece of wall hanging artwork per month.

The gallery is located in the lobby of Blue Lavender Spa and Medical Aesthetics at 1400 Chapin Road in Chapin. It hosts a rotating display with a new piece from a Crooked Creek Art League artist featured each month.

For more on our public galleries, click HERE.


Interested in becoming a gallery display artist? For more information or to be selected as an exhibit artist, contact our Public Gallery Coordinator.


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