Artistic Prosperity Artist December 2018: Bebe Way

December 4, 2018


Please congratulate Bebe Way for her one man exhibit at the Prosperity Town Hall! Her artwork will be on display now through the end of the month.


One Man Art Show for Bebe Way



Artwork Included in the Show:


Art Title                        Size                 Media                          Price

The Bridge                 16x20              Oil on Canvas               $125

Howard Junior HS     11x14               Oil on Canvas               $150

Petunia                       24x30              Oil on Canvas               $175

Lucy                           11x14              Oil on Canvas               $100

Seagull #1                  16x20              Oil on Canvas               $150

Untouched                 16x20              Oil on Canvas               $125

This Old House          18x24              Oil on Canvas               $175

The Martin House       16x20         Acrylic on Canvas             $200

Behind the Eyes         16x20        Oil on Canvas Board          $125

Surf                             16x20              Oil on Canvas               $150

Sassy Cardinal           16x10              Oil on Canvas               $150

Old Palmetto Trees      9x12               Oil on Canvas               $75



Artist's Statement: