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January 2017 Presenter: Tammy Papa

Painting by Tammy Papa

The presenter for our January 16, 2017 monthly meeting will be Tammy Papa.

With a painterly and impressionistic style, Tammy Papa captures the evocativeness of beautiful Lowcountry scenes, from the marshes and beaches near her Isle of Palms home, to architecture, still life and figure. Attuned to the play of light, she uses a warm and sophisticated palette to imbue her oils and pastels with signature radiance. A long-time South Carolina resident who studied music before majoring in studio art at the University of South Carolina, Tammy has always been drawn to creative endeavors.


In 1996, Tammy devoted herself to painting full-time, specializing in oils and pastels.

"I am drawn into the beauty before me," says Tammy. "I consider myself an expressive colorist, drawn to color and dramatic light. I see paintings everywhere I look, all day long. My easel, my art, is a refuge from the hectic pace of life. I can totally immerse myself in my painting, and have the good fortune of being able to do what I love to do in such a beautiful and inspiring place."

Visit Tammy's website by clicking HERE.


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