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Photo of artist: Laura Mayes Rosser

Laura Mayes Rosser

319 Shareditch Road
Columbia, SC 29210-4262


Laura Mayes Rosser

Beginning two years before retirement, I took Art 101 at Watkins Institute (now Watkins College of Art at Belmont University) in Nashville, Tennessee for two years. My further training has been with Classical Realism instructors, especially Allan R. Banks at his atelier in Florida for nine months. My focus has been on portraiture which has lead me to realize that although we all have the same features, God made us individually unique in every way.

The cover picture and first three pictures are in order by most recent since moving to Columbia SC. All pictures are from life except Ray Skinner, Dustin, Day of Promise and The Minnow Net.

Gallery Cover Artwork:

(viewable HERE)

Painting: "Ray Skipper"

"Ray Skipper"
Commissioned Oil Painting
20 x 16


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