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Photo of artist: Faye Delia Meetze

Faye Delia Meetze

1153 Putnam Drive
Chapin, SC 29036

(803) 345-2952

Faye Delia Meetze

Faye Delia Meetze, a native of Lexington County, resides with her husband on Lake Murray near Chapin. After raising three children and working as an insurance company secretary, she started her art studies twenty-four years ago.

She is a founding member of the Crooked Creek Art League and has participated in numerous statewide competitions and received awards for her work in colored pencil, pastel and oil. She was named the League’s Outstanding Member in 1999 and awarded the CCAL Best in Show in 2004.

Faye prefers the forgiving nature of oil, enjoys creating both still life and landscapes, and occasionally does figurative works and portraits. She attributes her love of oil painting to impressionist painter, Ilona Royce-Smithkin, and nationally known portrait artist Craig Carlson.

Her favorite modern day painter is Richard Schmid, author of “Alla Prima: All I Know About Painting”.

Faye's art is currently on display at Palmetto Fine Arts in Chapin, The Blend in Prosperity and The Gallery in Newberry.

Gallery Cover Artwork:

(viewable HERE)

"Oriental Bowl"

Oil Painting: "Oriental Bowl" by artist Faye Delia Meetze


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