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Maureen Carter

I will forever consider myself a student of Art. I am in awe of the range and variety there is to learn about creating images. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to take workshops with some inspiring and highly successful artists like Rose Edin, Fabio Cembretti, Ted Nuttall, Judy Morris and Gerald Brommer – to name only a few. I’m a “workshop junkie” and have taken classes in Montana, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, Ireland, Switzerland and many local workshops. I try to soak up what each instructor offers and keep my creative juices flowing.

My style is a combination of subtle realism with an inclination toward abstraction. I love to explore how color, light and texture can be manipulated to create an interesting image that leaves room for interpretation. My favorite media is Watercolor but I also enjoy acrylic, collage and mixed media. I love it all!

I am a member of the Crooked Creek Art League and the SC Watermedia Society. My work has won some awards and I do enjoy the validation of winning - but for me, the best reward is creating something that even I am impressed with!

Gallery Cover Artwork:

         (viewable HERE)

"Rainbow Bridge"
22x26 Watercolor

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