The Coffee Shelf Gallery

The Coffee Shelf has long been a place to enjoy a wonderful brew and tasty sweets in a comfortable environment. What better place to also enjoy art?  We are excited to partner with The Coffee Shelf at 130 Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin, to showcase the artwork of local artists.

Two artists are featured in this gallery with the display. Each artist has a 8x10 wall to display a dozen or more pieces of wall hanging artwork. The displays rotate every two months. The gallery is open to the public during normal business hours of 6am-7pm every day.

Artwork is available for purchase by contacting the artist directly. Contact information will be on display along with the artwork in the gallery.

For more information or to have your art displayed contact our Gallery Chair, Cathy Dubiel.

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Current and Upcoming Exhibits

October 1, 2019

CCAL, in conjunction with The Coffee Shelf, is proud to announce the grand opening of "The Coffee Shelf Gallery". The gallery is located in the lobby of The Coffee Shelf at 130 Amicks Ferry Road in Chapin. It will host the artwork of two of Crooked Creek Art League's fine artists on a two month rotation. The store owner, Jerry has been a longtime supporter of the arts in Chapin and we are thrilled...

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Copyright for all artwork images are retained by the respective artists. No permission is given to use the images for any purpose.

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