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Chapin Art Trail
A Community Art Project

Cloud Shapes 1, 2 & 3

Sonya Diimmler

Installed September 2021

Cloud Shapes 1, 2 & 3
Trail of colored dots.jpg

Artist's Statement 

For me the act of painting is thrilling, the energy behind the gestures and mark making involved in painting intrigue and energize me. I find immense joy in putting paint to canvas and creating something and am especially drawn to saturated colors. As a “young” painter I am still exploring subjects and jump from abstracts to landscapes to dogs and back again. They each have their emotional advantage. Abstracts are thrilling for the energy and emotion one can imbue in the mark making. I love to paint landscapes-clouds especially. I am also passionate about painting is dogs, both mine and others. When I painted my bulldog Smedley for the first time, there was a magic moment when the likeness appeared, that is when painting caught fire in my heart and I haven’t stopped since.

About the Artwork

A trio of artistic trail markers. This grouping consists of:

Cloud Shapes 1: This trail marker has a 4 foot tall post with a sailboat mounted on top,
Cloud Shapes 2: This trail marker has a 5 foot tall post with a sailboat mounted on top, and
Cloud Shapes 3: This trail marker has a 6 foot tall post with a sailboat mounted on top.

The metal forms were created by Steven Reed and Shelly Fugua. The artistry on the markers was done by Sonya Diimmler.

Installed September 2021

About the Artist

Local artist Sonya Diimmler paints colorful South Carolina lake and landscapes along with her favorite subject and muse her bulldog General Smedley. Sonya’s work has earned awards at the SC State Fair, Union County Arts Council and Crooked Creek Art League. Sonya is an active member of the Crooked Creek Art League and has held a number of board positions.

She has participated in a number of community art projects including her popular “Ship of Drools” sailboat from The Arts Sail into Chapin project in 2019 as well as the colorful canine and feline portraits on the fence outside Chapin Veterinary Hospital on Columbia Avenue in Chapin. Sonya’s body of work “Seeking Solace” is currently on exhibit at Columbia Metropolitan Airport from June-September 2021.

Scavenger Hunt Clue: 

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A Partnership Project by the Crooked Creek Art League and the Town of Chapin

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This organization is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support in this grant comes from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Arts Fund of The Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina.

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This project was supported by a Connected Communities grant from Central Carolina Community Foundation.

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