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2016-2017 Outstanding Member of the Year. Barbara Teusink

We recognize Barbara for all the work she has performed this past year as President of CCAL. She was always exceptionally prepared for each board meeting, guiding the meeting through each agenda item keeping things on tract resulting in a highly productive meeting. She was always open to suggestions by board members and allowed them to express their ideas and concerns. She continually looked for ways to expand the membership of the league and was very forward thinking. Barbara presided over the monthly membership meetings and displayed a contagious enthusiasm that made the membership meeting a joy to attend. This past year the league’s web page became a major item of concern by all. Barbara

CCAL End of Year Party

Our end of year party will be held on June 2nd at 6:30 pm so make your plans to attend! It will be held at Generations (431 E Boundary St, Chapin, SC 29036) in the clubhouse which is down the hill and to the right, behind the main building. This will be a time to unwind and enjoy fellowship with league members and their spouses. Please plan to attend and bring your favorite dish (finger foods work well!) It will be pot luck with the art league furnishing meat. An assortment of soft drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring any other adult beverages for yourself that you choose. If you have any suggestions for the party (refreshments, activities, etc.) please let Barbara know! Also, help is

Spotlight Artist May 2017: Joe Counts

Crooked Creek Art League is pleased to announce Joe Counts as the Spotlight Artist for the Chapin Chamber of Commerce during the month of May. We invite you to stop by the Chapin Chamber during normal business hours and see "Work Is Done" "Work Is Done" Painting by Joe Counts

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