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Spotlight Artist April 2017: Lisa Stone

Crooked Creek Art League is pleased to announce Lisa Stone as the Spotlight Artist for the Chapin Chamber of Commerce during the month of April. We invite you to stop by the Chapin Chamber during normal business hours and see "From a Different View." "A Different View" Photograph by Lisa Stone During the course of her life, Lisa has been an astute observer. From the time she was young, she was fascinated with faces, architecture and landscapes. She has always taken photos, but about five years ago, she started putting her photographs on Facebook and other digital outlets. People loved her work. They couldn't get enough of it. So Lisa decided it was time to take it more seriously. Lisa has p

BB&T Bank on Art Gallery - Second Quarter

CCAL, in conjunction with the BB&T, is proud to announce the second quarter artist on display in the "BB&T Bank on Art Gallery". The gallery is located in the lobby of the Chapin BB&T Branch and will host the artwork of one of Crooked Creek Art League's fine artists. The display in the gallery showcases artwork by Ingrid Carson. Ingrid's piece, "Kristy" is an oil painting. Inspiration to create is motivated by my everyday life’s experiences. The places I go, people I meet, and thoughts I have are all foundations for my art. Once an idea begins to formulate, I search for materials, shapes and textures to build on my original thought. The execution of my paintings is a journey encompassing m

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