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Spotlight Artist February 2017: Al Leitch

Congratulations to our Spotlight Artist of the Month at the Chapin Chamber of Commerce for February 2017: Al Leitch! StartFragmentFrom Al: "I was fortunate enough to participate in art programs for high school students at the Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Mellon University. However, I studied engineering and business and pursued an academic career teaching at several major universities. Inspired by the Hudson River School and their vision of the natural beauty around us I decided to renew my love of art upon retirement from USC. I have taken several art classes and attended numerous workshops. I enjoy all forms of art, but landscape pastels are my passion. I try to capture the maje

February Artists on Display

Check out who's on display in our public galleries for February 2017: BB&T Bank on Art Artist: Maureen Carter Chapin Chamber Spotlight Artist: Al Leitch Chapin Library Featured Artist: Maureen Carter

CCAL Artist at Artfields

Olga Yukhno is a member of the Crooked Creek Art League who has a pottery piece selected to be included in the annual Artfields exhibit in Lake City this year. Here is a beautiful description of her sculpture. This piece was inspired by how we perceive others in our everyday lives. We walk past people every day, see them, talk to them, meet them, but never get to know them. We never know that the spark in their eye is just a doorway to a whole colorful world of who they really are inside. The plain person on the outside can have thoughts and ideas bigger than we would ever have imagined. In this work I wanted to reflect the capacity for these boundless universes that everyone holds the poten

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