Are you looking for an artist to create something for you?  CCAL is proud to offer the option for online art galleries for our artists. See great examples of some of our artists' work by clicking on the images below to enter their online galleries. CCAL members are artists from all around the Midlands who work in many different media. Some work on commission in addition to selling their work in various galleries and exhibits. To see a listing of all CCAL artists and how to connect with them about their art click here.

Artist: Ingrid Carson
Click to see Ingrid's Gallery
Artist: Maureen Carter
Click to see Maureen's Gallery
Artist: JJ Casey
Click to see JJ's Gallery
Artist: DiFrancesco
Click to see Alexandra's Gallery
Artist: Sonya Diimmler
Click to see Sonya's Gallery
Artist: Debra K. Kelly
Click here to see Debi's Gallery
Artist: Jean Kirkley
Click here to see Jean's Gallery
Artist: Karen Larrabee
Click to see Karen's Gallery
Artist: Al Leitch
Click to see Al's Gallery
Artist: Faye Delia Meetze
Click to see Faye's Gallery
Lighthouse at Sunset.Joyce Oates
Click to see Joyce's Gallery
Artist: Ann Peake
Click to see Ann's Gallery
Artist: Roberta "Bobbi" Sorensen
Click to see Bobbi's Gallery
Artist: Ann Sweeney
Click to see Ann's Gallery
Artist: Barbara Teusink
Click to see Barbara's Gallery
Artist: Tommy D Thompson
Click to see Tommy's Gallery
Artist: Anne H.P. White
Click to see Anne's Gallery
Artist: Shin Wilbanks
Click to see Shin's Gallery
Artist: Mary Williams
Click to see Mary's Gallery
Artist: Olga Yukhno
Click to see Olga's Gallery
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